Apple pie bread pudding

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Somehow, in the 4 years that we’ve been doing this blog, we’ve never posted a bread pudding.I’ve had it on the calendar so many times (just wait…truffles…pumpkin…chicken…I’m not sure why…

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Lemon meringue pie cupcakes

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Ingredients LEMON FILLING: 3 egg yolks (reserve whites for meringue)3/4 cup granulated white sugar3 tbsp all-purpose flourpinch of salt3 tbsp lemon juice2 tbsp lemon zest, loosely packed1/2 cup water2 tbsp…

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Roasted Parmesan Creamed Onions

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There’s a million and one ways to cook an onion, all of which bring out the natural goodness of this vegetable. Onions are already packed with great flavor, but roasting…

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Frozen Fruit Salad

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Sometimes the deliciousness of a food is based as much on nostalgia as it is on flavor. Such is the case with Frozen Fruit Salad, which is an old-fashioned treat…

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Sheet Pan Barbecue Chicken Dinner

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You know those summer meals that you wish would stretch on forever? They usually include: warm weather and an outdoor table, good company and plenty of laughs, juicy sweet corn…

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Lunch Lady Brownies

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Lunch Lady Brownies are moist, full of chocolate flavor and absolutely delicious. They’re like the ones the lunch ladies served for school lunch dessert, but I think this homemade version…

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Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread

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Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Bread is crusty artisan bread filled with buffalo chicken dip. It is a perfect party or game day appetizer. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! We had…

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southern styled oxtails

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Southern, soul food style smothered oxtails. Smothered in a homemade onion and garlic gravy, and slow cooked in the Crock Pot until they are falling off the bone tender!There’s something…

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Honey Garlic Crawfish Fries

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we FIND things to make crawfish with. There’s no exception to fries. But, they’re not the main attraction of in the present. Who doesn’t throw frozen fries into some oil?…

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Big Mac French Toast

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Learn how to make Big Mac French Toast with beef, bacon and heavy whipping cream that’s so good and will bring all the family together! More appetizers or side dishes…

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