Chunky Cherry Filled Crescent Dessert That Puts A Smile On Your Face

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Sweet and simple desserts are one of my favorite things to make.

I love to feed my family a yummy dessert after we eat a good meal. I don’t always make dessert because we’d be carrying around a few extra pounds if I did but alas when I do make a sweet treat I make sure it is something totally tasty. Are you a fan of crescent rolls? How about cherry pie filling? If you said yes to both then this delicious confection is for you.

The first time I made this cherry stuffed crescent roll dessert I was blown away by how easy they were to whip up. You only use 3 ingredients in this recipe! Isn’t that amazing?

I can remember having this same treatment at a Chinese buffet once and I thought it was so delicious. The treat was in a large industrial-sized pan and was piping hot.

Are you excited about making this cherry dessert? You should be! This stuff is insanely easy to make and super yummy. I can recall the cherry pie filling oozing out of the crescent rolls and it smelled so terribly good that I wanted to cut myself off a gigantic slab and just dine on dessert. But, I practiced self-restraint and did not do that. However, I did get the ingredients list and made myself the yummy dessert when I went home 🙂

I love dessert after a good supper, don’t you? I don’t always make it but when I do I try to whip up something sweet and fabulous for my family to enjoy such as these cherry stuffed crescent rolls.


1 (8 count) can of Pillsbury crescent rolls.
1 ½ cups of Comstock cherry pie filling.
½ cup of Domino confectioners sugar.


First unroll the crescent rolls dough and fill with 2 tbsps of cherry pie in each one then roll up the dough.

Bake according to the instructions on the can and sprinkle with confectioners sugar. Enjoy!

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