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Chicken Wings, Mac and Cheese Bites and Fries

This is by far the absolute BEST recipe for fried chicken I have ever made, and eaten! If you follow the recipe, the breading is definitely KFC comparable, however….as a previous reviewer mentioned……the addition of oregano might help. The only thing I did different was add a few more seasonings in the flour mixture—- paprika, Goya seasoning, some lemon pepper, and some garlic/herb poultry seasoning. I feel bad for Jennifer, because obviously she did something wrong and missed out on the best fried chicken ever! I will NEVER make fried chicken any other way…… this recipe is delectable! (I didn’t have a deep fryer, so I used a regular 12 inch frying pan, and it turned out wonderful)


1 kilo of chicken thighs (or any part you like)
1 kilo of flour
1 kilo of breadcrumbs
5 eggs
salt and pepper
oil (for frying)

Methods :

1. Wash the chicken, add salt and pepper marinade for 10 minutes.
2. Putting flour and breadcrumbs in separate bowl
3. Beat 5 eggs also set apart
4. Heat oil in a wok
5. Chicken at the bottom of the egg
6. Roll in flour
7.Deep in the bud again
8. Roll in breadcrumbs
9. Frying chicken to golden brown
10.When the chicken is already cooked, put on a plate with a tissue to wipe off excess oil
To serve & Enjoy!

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