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Southern, soul food style smothered oxtails. Smothered in a homemade onion and garlic gravy, and slow cooked in the Crock Pot until they are falling off the bone tender!
There’s something about southern oxtails and gravy that just comforts my soul. No seriously! If I’m not feeling well, or If I had a bad day just the simple thought of oxtails and rice makes me feel better. My mom used to make oxtails all the time. Especially for Sunday’s supper. She’d serve the oxtails with her infamous southern style potato salad, mixed greens, and corn muffins. We’d tear up dinner like there was no tomorrow! The only thing that would be left on our plate would be the bones, and not string of meat! It was the best! It was, and still is one of my soul food dishes.

Over the years I’ve made smothered oxtails plenty of ways, but I finally found a recipe that I’m going to stick with. No more revising, no more adding ingredients, nor steps. I have finally have a to go to recipe for oxtails. This is definitely my favorite southern smothered oxtail recipe.

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